Monday, 7 September 2009

Meet the scammer 2

Further research also shows he has past form.

John Mark Humphries, 41, of West Ewell, Surrey, operated a home CD burning factory to produce counterfeit Microsoft, Symantec, and Sage software over two and a half years.
He was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment at Croydon Crown Court on Wednesday for offences under the Trade Marks Act and Theft Act.
Humphries was caught by a Sutton Trading Standards investigation, which found him selling fake software under the user name "harry_houdini0_0" as part of a routine sweep of the site in May 2006.
It was later discovered he had registered 12 eBay accounts to punt the knock-offs, using innocent people's details to hide his own identity. ®

So this time he seems to have got really sloppy.

I also must comment on my previous entry it would seem according to the Electoral role that Diane is quite happy living on stolen property.

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