Sunday, 6 September 2009

The scam itself

So now some background.

Two weeks ago I decided to try and upgrade my camera from a Sony Alpha A350 to the A700. There are many reasons for this but the main was that its a more professional camera represents the sensible upgrade from what I have but it looks like the model will be discontinued. Result a slight rush to buy one before they run out.

Now personally I'm not bothered about buying things brand new or second hand if I can get a suitable discount. This view point has worked well over the years and has either saved me a fortune or allowed me to buy more crap (take your pick but I know my wife's viewpoint). So I went looking online for new prices (circa £530 or so for a new camera) and at second hand prices to discover one had recently been sold on a forum for £400.

Now my camera is probably worth £300 or so second hand with other bits I won't be needing (second lens, case spare battery....) so while £530 was out of my price range £100 extra for a decent condition second hand camera is possible justifiable (and I've just had my birthday). So I started trawling the forums to look for a suitable camera.

So having decided on a plan I started looking for a suitable camera and on the 25th August I found a suitable camera on the dyxum forums (original post here). Thinking everything was above board (and I do believe that thinking good about everyone is a good idea until they show otherwise) and having checked as much as I could on 26th August I sent £380 by paypal to the (alleged until I get into the office tomorrow) scam artist in return for the camera.

The camera did not arrive immediately but paypal confirmed purchase of postage on the 28th so with a bank holiday in the way nothing was going to happen until at least September 2nd.

September 2nd came and went and I was off on September 3rd and 4th but thanks to working in a small office I get everything delivered to work so I didn't need to think about the camera until Monday 7th when I would be back in the office.

Then on September 3rd I visited the dyxum forums to discover this topic.

edit as I've now found the original link.

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