Monday, 7 September 2009

Todays news

Well today I rolled into the office to see nothing, no parcel, no envelope just a big empty gap on my desk where the box should be.

Now to an extent that is great because it makes the claim so much easier (no delivery = easier claim). But remember one of the previous successful scams, where once a claim for non-delivery was made, the guy sent an empty envelope to generate tracking details for Paypal.

So first step raise a dispute on Paypal. A simple job easily done. Step 2 escalate the dispute to a claim, not so easy, the page complains about an unknown error.

After waiting an hour, try again. Its the same issue so I decided to find another means of escalating the compliant, and search the site. It turns out that Paypal now have phone numbers you can ring and real people at the end of the phone so after 15 minutes on the phone, the dispute can be escalated.

It even seems that they listen, as the claim seems to be where it is supposed to be rather than sitting in the 10 day limbo hell that Paypal initially insisted was unavoidable.

Now all I can do is contact Epsom police and wait patiently for Paypal's response.

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